Friday, May 14, 2010

It's never too late.

Well, I guess it's time now, finally! I've been around here for like a year. Leaving comments and being lucky to page land at some wonderful, useful and funny blogs.

But never thought I was actually going to get all itchy to write something and start my own!
Truth is my twitter is a total failure, (I have only five followers), I didn't want to blog-crash my page here as well. But Oh! Well, here we go.
First one it's always the harder.
Like a first kiss.
Here are a few questions you may apply to both. First kiss and first blog entry:
  • Why am I doing this? (Because OMG! It feels so good!)
  • Should I close my eyes? (Blank Page!)
  • Am I doing it right? (No! this is so not funny!)
  • Did he really want to kiss me? (Please read my blog.)
  • Should I keep doing it? (I can’t breathe!)
  • What if he doesn’t like it? (Five followers people! FIVE, and three are coworkers.)
  • Should I do it again? (I know I want to.)

So there you go, see.

And I’m going to do it again.



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