Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oprah has faith in me.


You fellow-writers out there blog everyday, on the hour!
For me this is very nerve-racking…and new.
I have no idea what to write.
This is not a WIP.
I am the only character.
Where’s the dang plot?
Where is this story going?
No villain? It doesn’t make any sense without the bad guy.
*sobbing, rubbing my eyes, thinking about getting a glass of wine to release tension*
This is what I think and why I admire all of you, crazy wonderful bloggers out there.
I wrote my first novel. Had a lot fun doing it. Wrote a 2nd one and working on my 3rd.
But my first novel? My cousin loved it. She LOVED my book! Too bad she is NOT an agent.
But the truth is… my book is still in my computer, under a file called DREAMS. The poor little thing is already a year old and didn’t see the light yet…it may never see the light. *calling my cousin to ask her if she really liked my book for the eleventh time this month*
Now you see it?
I do…(OMG! I think I’m going to be sick…)
And this is my 3rd post! And I didn’t realize THIS until now.
Now I better really start pouring that wine!
I’m going to press send here and it will be out there!
That’s what it’s all about. Right? To send our wonderfulness out there!
I feel like I’m famous already!
I’m already imagining my first interview…

Oprah-   “Well, tell me Jck. How did it all start? Was it a dream? Was it your imagination?”
Me-    *wishing I hadn’t had a thick accent* “Oh…In the beginning it was very tough. You see, it was just Simon.”
Oprah-   “You thought of Simon?”
Me-   “No,no” *tears, Oprah can’t understand my accent, ay Dios mio!* “I meant it was difficult, I only had one follower, Simon.”
Oprah-    “Yeah, but now you are famous.”
Me-    “Oh, I don’t know…” *trying to look like I’m not full of it*
Oprah-   “How many followers do you have now?”
Me-    “I think somewhere around eighty thousand.”
Oprah-   “oh! Half of what I have!”
Me-    *not looking very happy at the moment* “I know, I’m getting there.” (evil grin)
Oprah-    “I’m sure with all this media and attention you snatched an agent, right? Tell us  his name!”
(Long pause, I think it’s time to wake up, no more day dreaming! And no more wine!)
Me-    *making a perfect Bella Swan replication, 10,000 blinks, 7,000 lip licking* (gasp) “NO”

Off to play with Nalah for a while, she needs a walk like crazy.


  1. hahahahaha

    you are too cute!! loved this :D

  2. Ha! I won't mind if you mention me on Oprah, good lady. She'll have her book club thing still going on her cable channel, I've heard.

    And just be you, bounce around the blogosphere and introduce yourself, and your follower list'll grow in no time flat. :)

    Oh, and hi, Tahereh! *waves*

  3. OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE THOSE TWO *prods Simon and Tahereh* NEGLECTED TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS BLOG. Bad bad blogging friends *coughs*

    You'll get there soon enough, definitely wander around the blogosphere commenting and following people. It helps if you say you love them and look all cutesy I think.

    And also maybe join some Blogfests? You have people who normally wouldn't hopping over to read your entry and meet loads of new friends.

    I say friends, I mean followers. The two are sort of interchangable for me :P

    Anyhow, I will now click the follow button and become you're third follower. See? We're already on our way to that Oprah interview ;~)