Thursday, May 20, 2010

My take. Not really, I swear Nalah made me do it!

Sumario of my day:
  • Marketing budget (boooooring)
  • Magazine advertising contract *wants to cry about budget*
  • Pretend I’m updating company blog but actually checking up my fellow bloggers Update company's blog.
  • Tweet all over  Update company's tweets.
  • Send my Facebook friends lots of love and play Farmville Check company's Facebook messages.
  • Research for trendy material for new plot for my book company’s new advertising campaign.
  • Jog, (yeah right! Walk sweet Nalah).
  • Prepare dinner Blog,

During my extensive marketing research this afternoon, haha, I came across these wonderful quotes from famous writers, and here’s my take on their awesomeness of advice and take on life. (there’s no animosity (Not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings here!) involved, I just thought it be fun to share)

I keep six honest serving men. (They taught me all I know); Their names are What and Why and When and How and Where and Who.
- Rudyard Kipling
These are my writing coach's friends as well! I wonder when is she going to introduce them! *sigh*

Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.
- Nancy Banks-Smith
Ata girl!

An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.
- Francois Rene De Chateaubriand
Dang it! I gotta quit tryin’ to imitate Stephanie Meyer?

I am being frank about myself in this book. I tell of my first mistake on page 850.
- Henry Kissinger

Haha, you go #mriknowitall!

In Ireland, a writer is looked upon as a failed conversationalist.
- Anonymous
Who said anything about talking dude, we write! Usually I’m mute…NOT!

Make'em laugh; make 'em cry; make 'em wait.
-Charles Reade

The pen is mightier than the sword.
- Edward Bulwer-Lytton
We are ninjas dude! Swords are necessary.

There are three difficulties in authorship: to write anything worth the publishing, to find honest men to publish it, and to get sensible men to read it.
- C. C. Colton
You think?

Writers aren't exactly people, they're a whole lot of people trying to be one person.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald
Oh! You mean I don’t have a multiple personally disorder, well, that’s a piece of good news.

Writing is not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness.
- Georges Simenon
Now you tell me? *sobbing*

All a writer has to do to get a woman is to say he's a writer. It's an aphrodisiac.
- Saul Bellow
Holy Guacamole! Girls don’t try this! Guys only think we are super-geek-ninjas-high-on-coffee!


  1. Hahaha, Nalah made you write this post? I'd say that's one cool dog ;~)



    Although who wouldn't want a super geek ninja? Throw in some pirate features and you've got an awesome person there...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Mia, I agree. I love pirates! Pirates chicks do pretty well, maybe a ninja-pirate combination is a good thing after all; just keep the comment for the third date;)

  4. After reading Mia's glowing comments about your blog, I thought I'd better pop over and say hello! :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Hello Shannon! I'm so happy I have 5 followers! I'm doing a lot better than my twitter!

  6. Saul Bellow's full of crap. I'd like to see him try to pick up chicks with that "writer" business today.

    And F. Scott Fitzgerald is so spot on it's scary.

    Nice quotes, good lady! :)

  7. Hi Simon! thanks for the comments. You are so rigth, it is scary!